05 July 2009

the 4th!

so on the 4th of July i went to where the Russian government is..the Kremlin. it was cool. actually it was freezing cold probably aroun 40 degrees plus i biting wind. so much for the hot summer. anyway despite the fact it felt like november in july we had a pretty good time. we walked around and looked at some churched. there are like 5 churches in the Kremlin which is kinda funny because Stalin lived there and i don't think he prayed once. so we went in those and that was pretty cool and then we also got to see some sort of parade thing for some cermony. clearly i was informed. after the kremlin i went home to take a nap i was not feeling well and the last thing i needed was to get sick. so i went home and slept for 2 and a half hours. it was fantastic and needed. i felt so much better. When i got up i headed out to meet some of our group for the 4th of july party we were havign at a couple's apartment. we all got ice cream and toppings and just ate and talked. it was a pretty fun 4th even though we didn't have fireworks or you know sun. but it was nice to sit around and talk about different things and just chill for a bit. we were actually there til almost 11. oops. i came home afterwards and just feel back asleep. my body i think was still trying to make up for st. petes and all the running around i do here. but good news also. my hot water came back on on the 4th. it was heavenly. it was supposed to come back on on the 1st but it took til the 4th just when i was starting to loose hope. now i have hot water which is great because it is supposed to be cold and rainy this week. well folks. i am caught up on my blog. you are welcome.

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