05 July 2009

the adventure continues...St. Pete day 2

So. i woke up amazed at how well i slept with my roommate kinda laughing at me for falling asleep so abruptly especially since all the lights and the tv were on. ha
anyway. we got up and went to have another huge breakfast with rice and mini hot dogs this time. haha well and normal stuff too. i actually took some boiled eggs for the road. yum. judge me. but i didn't have to buy lunch. we had decided the day before to go to peterhoff which i believe is peter the great's palace..anyway the people kinda of organizing it slept in and were eating when 8 of us were ready to go and somehow i got put in charge of getting us there. we got on the metro fine found the right bus and made it to Peterhoff. go me. i had some help you know with the front desk lady telling us how to go and which bus to take. so yeah. anyway. we got there and it was amazing. the grounds are extensive and gorgeous. we actually went in the back way and were amazed when we got to the front 'yard' we were even more impressed. there were fountains and such and a canal leading from the sea. the castle is right on the gulf of finland. it was wind and cold that day but it was still gorgeous and there were plenty of things to find and wander to. we had a good time. then we went back to the bus and started our trip back to St Pete's to look around the city more. the first stop was the cathedral of the spilt blood, it is where alexander II was assassinated. it kinda looks like st. basil's but i a little cooler. plus the inside is way cooler with all types of mosaics. after that we went to Kazan cathedral which was built to look like St. Peter's in Rome which i found ironic because doesn't the Russian Orthodox church not want to be related to Catholicism? anyway. it was really pretty and cool. but definitely more catholic looking that orthodox. after that we walked down to the winter palace which is very pretty and huge around on the square AND the sun came out. it was fantastic. The winter palace was on one end of the main street in St. pete's and we decided to walk to the other end where our hotel was so we could met before going to the train station. it took us almost 2 hours to get back because we were shopping and looking at things, maybe stopped for ice cream. ps mcdonalds stiffed us and raised the price of ice cream cones 2 rubles. those jerks. i think by the time we made it to the hotel we had walked well over 10 miles the whole day. when we got to the hotel we grabbed some dinner at the store and then most people took the metro to the train station but some of us walked. i walked. it was great. but by the time i got to the train station i again was exhausted. unfortunately i could not sleep well on the train and when we arrived on monday i came home and slept for a bit, then woke up did some stuff and the slept til about 1. i still don't feel like it was enough but i was just grateful they cancelled classes. i would have perished right there in russian grammar if they hadn't.

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