05 July 2009

the cosmos

so this past friday we went to the cosmonaut museum. well sort of. we went and the sign for admission said students were free..fantastic who doesn't love free stuff? well when we got to the window the couple in front of me (both of them had served missions) got to the window and the lady wouldn't take their student id cards. it was just our russian ones, so i got to the window i pulled out all three of my student id cards. they wouldn't take any of them insisting that it was free only for russian students. we argued that the sign only said students and we were students. it turned into this argument which is kinda funny anyway cause you haven't really been yelled at unless you have been yelled at in russian. anyway they finally make us move out of the way to help other people, we being to stubborn at this point to pay even though it was only 3 dollars. and the original irritable lady came out with a new sign which she had written RUSSIAN next to students in bold. hilarious. at least we inspire change. this might not seem like a funny story but ridiculous. it is ridiculous which is why it is funny and very typical russian.

so instead we went outside and played on the solar system. they have a small statue thing which has all of the planets around a sun sundial. even little pluto is still there.

we will probably go back. and hopefully deal with nicer ladies ones i wouldn't mind giving 3 dollars to.

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