13 July 2009

ostrich eggs and coconut shells

so friday we went to the armory. which was really huge and had a lot of the same kinda stuff. but it was cool stuff. it had different type of silverware and plates and things of that nature. it also had some Faberge eggs (see previous post to learn more or google it) then there was the actual armory part which had knives and swords and ivory encrusted rifles...because who doesn't need those around. it also showed armory of the time. it was way cool. there were also a lot of goblets. i snuck in on someone else's english tour and learned about some that were made out of ostrich eggs and coconut shells...while fascinating..i went back to my game of making up descriptions and stories myself...generally in a really bad english accent. actually highly entertaining. at least for me. then we went to the bottom floor where they had a bunch of catherine the great's dresses. it was kinda funny because although the dresses were probably in order from when she was young to when she was older..it looked like they were arranged from skinniest to fattest. i'm a jerk i know but...i speak the truth. there were also some really cool carriages that were super nice. and also some sledges. for some reason the russian word for sleigh translates to sledge. hmm. i dunno maybe because they are covered. i have no idea.

after the museum we went to a ballet. i generally get into trouble because i continue my story telling in these. ballets as you know just have dialogue so it is sometimes fun to make up your own stories. however a bad idea when you start laughing and can't stop. i blame ashley for laughing too much which made me laugh more. hah. anyway we went to giselle which was gorgeous and had beautiful music. see i appreciate culture. afterwards i came home to my empty apartment. it was great.

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