15 July 2009

War museum, connected ear lobes, and mini America?

So we went on this excursion on Sat to a war museum well it was a World War II museum and it was really interesting. at first. we went to this basement part that remembered and honored all those who died in Russia. It was around 30 million. then we went on this tour were you looked at painting and our tour guide described them. at first it was really interesting but after 2 hours you tend to loose interest. also it kinda turned into the battle of the translators. the tour hired a translator but a couple of people in our group felt they could translate better so it was the russian lady and like 3 translators talking at the same time. this is when i started not paying attention and when my friend noticed i had connected ear lobes. apparently it is rare or something anyway we started playing the game look at people ear lobes. i was the only one. soo now it is a big joke. something about me being a freak. fantastic. haha.

after the museum we walked around a park. it is called victory park...clever since that is where they honor most of their soldiers and commemorate Russia's victory over germany. It is a really really cool fun park. actually this week they are having a beach volleyball tournament there. it is part of the world tour.

after the park we went Sarah's house for a cookout and to spend the night. her dad works in moscow but the rest of her family was in the states visiting. she invited us over for a break from moscow. she lived in this community for foreigners in moscow. kinda like an army base but not military. anyway we made hamburgers and french fries from scratch and they were amazing. her dad grilled them for us along with veggies to put on it. after dinner some people went for a walk around the complex but sarah her dad me and one more of my friends played tennis. it was really fun but i am out of practice plus not very good to begin with. After tennis we ate ice cream and watched a movie. it was fantastic and quite the needed break.

sunday we left and headed back to moscow leaving our nice little America. ha. we had church and i was giving a small little talk in russian for relief society and ashley and linsey were singing. luckily it all went well. after church we walked around a bit and then i went to go visit a friend that was feeling sick. she was doing better so overall it was an amazing weekend! PLUS it was sunny and amazing all weekend tooo. fantastic summer is showing itself!

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  1. I have connected earlobes Holly. I hear it's some genetic mendelan thing.