31 May 2009


That is the word for Sunday ps. It also means resurrection so there you go.

Today I lounged around the house. I don't have church until 2. I think I like it.
I did straighten my room and get my new purse organized and goofed around, I might have some homework I need to do. Oops.

Today at church was good. I think. I did not understand anything really. I would stink at that what did you learn at church today game. Well I learn some church words like завеса which is veil. you guessed it. Today the Sunday School lesson was on план спасения (plan of salvation). Luckily they had a white board and were writing these terms down. Also they did the normal diagram so I got the gist. haha. Some people speak English so it makes it easier a bit conversation wise, but overall I have no idea what is going on. We skipped over useful church phrases in school. Hmm. It is really a great feeling not knowing anything.

After church, the nice missionaries from America seem to be worried about us so the elders gave us their number if we need anything or whatever. It was weird getting a missionary's number by the way, but better to call them than the police. ha.

Then some nice girls from church asked if we wanted to walk around with them. so we did. and much to our surprise we also signed up for a photo shoot. One girl really loved her camera so she would stop us and put us into poses and take our picture. If you see incredibly awkward pictures on facebook...of us looking confused or trying not to laugh, you know why. I guess it wasn't too bad but still hilarious.

Also. funny story. circus and church are very similar in Russian. Ashley thinks she has been telling her babushka that she has been going to the circus. She also told her babushka that her sister who is on a mission works for the circus in the Philippines. also hilarious.

So for dinner tonight I had scrambled eggs with tomatoes which I enjoyed but Nina also put out these little fish. I think they might have been anchovies. Basically the head was chopped off and everything else was left..even the tail. I avoided these, but Nina asked if I didn't like them, and I mistakenly said I hadn't tried one before. And she told me to try one. I did. Yikes. No worries I didn't eat the tail. It was really fishy. I don't think i will do that again. However, after she asked if I liked ice cream, ha do I like ice cream. I said yes. And she said that there is always ice cream in the freezer and to help myself!! It took 2 weeks for that to come out. Ice cream? really. I had some. On second thought, she probably shouldn't have told me.


yesterday we went to Izmaylovo market.
Linsey and I were looking for bigger purses because we hate having bookbags everywhere. Mainly because we look American and stand out, they are uncomfortable, and we are worried something will get stolen.
The market is really fun but kinda intense. People were pulling big carts with stuff on it, and had no qualms about running you over or pushing you out of the way. It was also huge. We walked everywhere. It is also kinda intense because you have people yelling at you to come by stuff. One guy was talking to me and i shook my hand no, and he actually grabbed it and would not let me go. Luckily with my pulling and Ashley's pushing, I made it. I also got attacked by man selling hats i was walking by not fast enough and he just grabbed a hat and put it on my head trying to sell it to me. HA. It was pretty cute.
We also went to a section of the market that had more souvenirs. It was way cool and we found some neat stuff. I bought a really cool ring that I am excited about.
It was also kinda cool to barter and stuff in Russian...even though it was really choppy. Although one guy said that we understood Russian well and that most people just come in and don't know any Russian. So that is something.
I also found some cool things for some of y'all. Be excited. I haven't bought it yet.
It was funny though after all that we still hadn't found a purse. So we went through the bigger market and found our purses right away. It was great. I feel like a spend a lot of money but really it wasn't a lot at all. like 15 bucks for my ring and purse. So. woohoo.

29 May 2009

oh the little things.

When you are thrown into a completely different country and culture. You start noticing the small things that make life grand. You thrive on the little things.

sleeping in. Now this doesn't necessarily have to deal with Russia, but when I get up at 7 everyday and just go and don't really stop til 8 at night. sleeping in is a rare treasure. Not even just sleeping in but lounging til I have to really go. It is a great feeling.

emails, gchat, and telephone calls. I received so many emails today. It was great hearing from so many good people. Friends across the globe. People I love. Knowing they are doing well and what to share that with me, makes me smile. Gchat saves my life sometimes. I can talk and discuss how I am feeling or just laugh and be sarcastic. It is almost as good as a phone call. Phone calls have become a strange thing of the past but are the best when I get them.

speaking. Today I bought what I needed, a calling card, with the lady understanding me and me understanding her. It was brilliant. Fantastic even. Understanding is a great gift.

zooparks. We went to the zoo park today. It was fun. They had a lot of animals, mostly birds. I swear there were a million bird houses and cages. A lot of cages were empty. I am worried for those Russian animals...just disappearing. ha. Also there was a dolphin show. However the dolphins weren't park of the act. There were seals and beluga whales.

friends. the zoopark was great but what was greater was walking around with friends. I am so blessed to have some of my closer friends here. People who will share their umbrella when there are freak rainstorms and you are in a skirt and short sleeved shirt and thought it was going to be sunny. Also people that are having just as hard as time as you and understand when you complain, and let you complain. ha. Russia is hard, but friends make it better.

granola bars. We went to the store after the zoopark. I bought deodorant which everyone is grateful for, but I also found a gem. granola bars. They are generally non-existent here. Now I can have something different than bread and cheese or carbs in general. I love granola bars. Also I bought chocolate which is self explanatory.

French Fries. We went to KFC for dinner. lame I know. but sometimes you just need a break from Russia and a nice chicken wrap and french fries with an orange fanta is the perfect break. HAHA. also again ordering what I want the man behind understanding. It is really beautiful.

Laundry. I did laundry today. It was great. A lot of people don't have washing machines in Russia. I am blessed to have one. I also got to do my own laundry. This is fantastic as well. Most of my friends' babushkas insist on doing their laundry so that us Americans won't break their precious washing machines. I did my own which means my underwear did not end up hanging in the bathroom for the world to see. They don't have dryers here.


Trash cans. I got a trash can today. This is exciting because trash cans are hard to find here. strange I know, but usually there is a grocery bag by the refrigerator and that is all. I have been using a bag in my room that I got at a store. Now I have an actual garbage can. Look out.

Strawberries. Today there were strawberries on the table. anything on the table is up for grabs. I love strawberries. I grabbed some.


Sorry I haven't posted the past couple of days. Nothing super exciting has been happening just school and homework really. Yesterday was a bit more exciting and that is what I will write about.

After school, Linsey, Ashley, and I found our way to the Pushkin Museum. There are actually 2 Pushkin Museums here. One for the writer and one that is an art museum. We went to the Art museum. It was 19th and 20th century European art. They had Monet, Cezanne, Van Gough, and Picasso. You know. It was really cool and fun to look at some art. I love those types of artists. The museum is right next to Cathedral of Christ our Savior which is huge and beautiful, but we didn't have our scarves with us so we couldn't go in. We got ice cream instead. All over Moscow they have ice cream stands. It is wonderful and horrible at the same time. On the one hand it is like the ice cream man is at every corner, if i want ice cream..i can get it. The bad thing is I eat it. Oh well. I walk enough. So we chilled and ate our ice cream.

Then we started walking down to see the Peter the First's memorial. It is this huge boat broze with a guy standing on it. Funny thing. It was originally supposed to be Columbus...but the American's didn't want to buy it. so the Sclupture changed the head to Peter the First's and sold it to the Russians. Funny thing. It is still on Columbus' body and he has on the weird Spanish attire Russians have never worn. It is pretty funny.

After that we got lost a bit. Not really lost but couldn't find a Metro lost. We ended up finding a metro...and mini-golf ..if we ever want to go. Although we walked forever trying to find the metro..see good-bye ice cream. The Metro was actually pretty close to my flat so we went there and hung out for a bit. We were exhausted. It is gettting hotter here so things are more tiring. Oh well.

anyway. I will probably post more on weekends and things since that is when I will be doing most of my site seeing, but I will still post some during the week too. So you just have to check all the time. Bot Tak (Russian for so there). ha.

25 May 2009

just a day

Today was pretty routine.
woke up
got on the metro
went to class
didn't understand much, but more
worked on homework
walked around alexander gardens
got rained on
came home
ate dinner
drank tea
posted on the blog
and will probably go to sleep soon.

alexander gardens are pretty cool they are just right outside the Kremlin wall. There are flower beds and fountains. It is really pretty I never realized Moscow was so green.

also. i posted more pictures on past blog posts. feel free to take a gander.

comment more


24 May 2009

it's raining, it's pouring

Today we got to go on a bus tour of Moscow. This sounds really cool, and could have been really cool except it was cold and raining all day. It was fine while we were on the bus with the heater was on passing by buildings, but we made frequent stops and got out and walked around. Generally, we we all frozen mainly because we were wet and it was super rainy. However, it was good to get a perspective of where everything is in relation to each other. We stopped at the over look we went to on Friday, and we also stopped at Red Square where we stayed in the rain for awhile,but then went into a really nice mall to dry off and get warm for a bit before we went back out into the rain and on the bus. We also stopped at a Convent that looked pretty cool. After the tour which was four hours, we were all so tired we went home to sit and relax. My friend Sarah and I drank some tea and changed before heading out to a fireside. The fireside was in Russian so that was interesting, but it was also about marriage. I guess all the youth get the same talk everywhere. Ha. It was really kinda funny. Well at first, the fireside lasted almost 2 hours which is a lot anyway but especially in a language you do not understand. After the fireside, Sarah and I came home and ate dinner which was good as always, and are so beat we are just going straight to bed.

This is Ashley, me, and Linsey in the Mall in front of a fountain.
This is me, Ashley, and Linsey in front of the Convent...in the rain...freezing.
me. freezing.

23 May 2009


I have officially been here one week. It feels like a month.

I got to sleep in again. Although sleeping in it like 8:30. I'll take it.

Today our director wanted us to come to his house, so he could check up on us and see how we were doing. His flat is huge so it was just nice to sit around and talk with one another, and just breathe. Plus it was really rainy today so none of us had a desire to go out and do much. (this morning Nina let me borrow and umbrella, and said Udachi -good luck, and kinda laughed.) We just chilled at his apartment. A lot of us watched Nacho Libre which is great and funny. Again I love being able to laugh out loud and no one care. ha.

We left and then went to the huge grocery store. I just got some water, but we met up with some other people in my group. We all wanted to go to a youth discotec night. It was 50's themed. Russian pseudo 50's music. It was great, and kinda hard to dance to. It was bouncy but techno-ish. yeah I can't even explain it. By this time, it close to nine and I was super tired. It is hard traveling with a big group because you are always waiting on someone. We started breaking up in the end which made things go faster.

I got home around 9:30. Nina got excited when I said I wanted to eat. I don't eat a lot so she was happy I was eating. We chatted some more and it was good. She was asking if I wanted new sheets and things like that. I said it didn't really matter, and she kinda laughed. I said I was easy going and she told me she had noticed. Ha. She said just let her know. I'm super tired again. I think I walk at least 3 miles a day maybe more. That is probably why I am tired at night.

22 May 2009

I know you want pictures...they will come...later

I slept in today!

It was great. No classes on Fridays..best idea ever.

Today I took my time getting ready and then left to meet some friends before we meet up with the bigger group. However, My friends went to one metro station and I went to another. In our defense, they have the same name. So I just sat in front of Lenin's Library before I needed to go meet the group. Some Russians from my university were going to show us around a couple of different places.

We first went to the Izmaylovo Kremlin. This is not the main Kremlin in Russia. Kremlin actually means fortress so there are a lot of old Kremlins in Moscow. It was really cool. It was old wooden buildings. We walked around there for a bit and also went to the Vodka Museum. There was a lot of Vodka there. We just kinda goofed off and relaxed a bit. It did start raining pretty hard so we stood under a covered bridge and just talked to wait out the rain.There is also a big market there on weekends so I will definately be back. We also looked at the shops and things nearby.

Good news mintue: Our facillitator arrived while we were waiting for someone to buy something and told us that schools in Russia need people to teach English, and our program coordinators would help us get set up teaching if we wanted. Bonus: they will pay us, around $13/ hour. Ha. It will be great. I am going to do. Right now we have a lot of free time so I feel like I am standing around alot. Plus i will only work however much I want. It will be great.

After the kremlin, we went on a walk. We walked through a nice green park to MGU, which is Moscow State University. It is so pretty and huge. We also walked to a spot that overlooked Moscow. It was cool to see it from up high and from a distance. Then we walked to a Metro station through another park. By this time it was 6:30 and we were all exhausted. I cam home and talked with Nina a lot before dinner. We talked about traditional food in the South. Ha. Try explaining grits some time. It is interesting. She gave me some Russian calat which was good. I'm sure what all was in it but it is a traditional food. I also had blini which are Russian crepes. My blini had meat in them. It was good.

Also, Nina said my Russian has gotten better this week. Miracle is the word she used.

Now I am just winding down. It is crazy how tired you can get from staying busy.
I love y'all

21 May 2009



sorry my last blog was short. I didn't have a whole lot of time.

Everyday I wake up at 7 to get to class at 9. It only takes me around an hour to eat and shower and prepare myself for the day. I leave a little before 8 and then I have an hour commute. I walk to the Metro which takes 10-15 minutes. I actually enjoy this walk most days. Then I get to the Metro go one stop get off and take another line for awhile. Then I have another 15 minute walk. I have been up for two hours and already exhausted. Generally you have to push and shove to get on the Metro in the morning. Today a nice business man put his arm behind me and helped push me on the train. Apparently I am not aggressive enough. Some days you can get a seat on the train. Amazing but rare.

Then I have classes. I have grammar from 9-10:30 and then usage from 10:40-12:10. On Wednesdays I have a Russian lecture class in broken English about Russia from 1-2:30. However I do not have classes on Friday. Heavens bless. Today was not as bad in class. Basically my teachers told me to relax. Ha. I guess I could do that more. I actually laughed in class.

Laughing is a weird thing here. You don't do it very often. On the metro and things everyone is really quiet and doesn't really speak. If you want to say I'm an American, laugh or talk loud. You are not even supposed to smile at people...strange I know. Anyway you notice when you laugh.

After class today, it was raining but Ashley, Linsey and I still wanted to do something so we went on a Metro tour. HA. I know. Actually Metro stations here are very grand and beautiful, full of communist propaganda of course but gorgeous. We found a list of must see metros and began train hopping. They were so pretty. Stalin built them up to show the Moscow was modern. Some have mosaics depicting Russian events in history, heroes um heroes thought of at the time (i noticed Stalin had himself with Lenin a lot), there were also paintings of happy soviet workers...you too can be this happy. The unfortunate thing is the Moscow police don't like tourists taking pictures so we couldn't take a lot. We designated Linsey who had the best camera to take pictures well sneak pictures. We looked for police. You don't want to have an excuse for Russian police to talk to you. Anyway. Linsey got some pictures but has not given them to me. I will post them when I get them. If this blog gets shut down..you know why.

Funny story: While we were metro hopping we were a little late getting on a train and the doors closed with my backpack still in it. I let out some what of a squeak and just kept pulling my self forward with my arms flaying. My friends just laughed at me, well we were all trying not to laugh and this nice Russian lady pulled my backpack out. This made us want to laugh a lot harder but again we can't because you know it isn't allowed. I turn around to say thank you and a whole bunch of Russians are laughing at me. We lost it at this point and couldn't look at each other in the hopes that we wouldn't laugh out loud. You know something was funny if Russians laugh on the Metro. However, by this time we are trying to get it together we don't realize the train is stopping and Linsey falls back into this poor old lady. We had to get off of the train because we couldn't control ourselves. We needed to recoup.

After our tour, I came home. I was beat. For dinner I had pelnini..it is a Russian ravioli. I liked it. Though yesterday I had a veggie pizza that was great. Also they have this drink here I like alot. You take fruit, um I've only had it with strawberries, and boil them in water with sugar. Let it cool and yummy drink.


I didn't get to post at my normal time. I'm sorry

Yesterday went really well. Except for my classes. I struggle a lot and it is really hard for me to read out loud. And it will continually be a problem, but as my teacher says "it is from God" so maybe he won't hate me as much. ha.

Then we went to a super markety thing..in a mall. It was fun and Ashley, Linsey and I got things for lunches. I got bread and cheese. ha.

Then we went to a park near my house but were too tired to explore too much, plus a storm was coming in so we went to my house to hang out.

After tehy left, i helped cook dinner. Well I cut tomatoes and cucumbers. And i also talked with Nina, my host lady a lot. She said I don't look foreign, not Russian but Slavic but I showed her pictures of Meaghan and Melissa to prove that that was definitely not true. It was a good day!

19 May 2009


Throughout my searches for translations of English words, I found the English word higgledy-piggledy. Now. What person in their right mind wants to know the equivalent for that in Russian, and more strangely...there is a Russian equivalent.

I guess to today was a higgledy-piggledy day. It means jumbled / confused. Focus on confused.

Today was the first day of classes.

No worries. I am in the lower level classes.

My first teacher, she teaches grammer, was nice. It was mostly painless. mostly. A couple times I couldn't pronounce some things and that was stressful. note: I can not read out loud in English, Russian is ridiculous. I still get shocked when people pull out Russian books on the Metro and read them.

My next teacher was a nice Russian teacher. That means he was blunt but smiled.
He first asked our class why we were not good enough for being in the other class. Pretty sure he called us lazy. Later he told me to practice reading because I am not good at it (see previous note.)

After class, we went to the hang out room and then to the store. I bought water and some crackers I saw a toddler eating at church (I figured they were safe)

We hung out most of the rest of the day doing homework and planning things to do. We are getting brave enough to start exploring tomorrow.

I came home and had borsht for the first time. I liked it. I also kept planning things. There is a possiblity I might be able to see a hockey game here. LOOK OUT.

I like writing this blog, but I would like to hear from the readers as well. Feel free to email me at Hollymgodwin@gmail.com

18 May 2009

Manic Monday

I could not sleep to save my life last night which caused today to be even more tiring.

However, today was better.

I made it to the Metro station...Phillip 'helped' of course. I don't think he enjoys being my escort. Anyway. I went to the station to meet my group before going to the University. I met up with them just fine then we showed our ID cards for the University that strangely does not have our picture on it. Then we had orientation in English which was GREAT. Nothing like knowing what is going on for the next 3 months of your life. I also learned rent will be cheaper than planned so that is fantastic. After the lecture and questions, We had a tour of the University and then got to chill in the "Hang out Room" as noted by the sign on the front door.

Then the fun began. We, the beginner speakers, got to take our placement tests. I'm pretty sure I guessed a lot. I hope that is ok. HA. This was actually probably the most stressful and anxiety ridden part of the day.

However, after the test, we got cell phones. Heavens bless. I was so excited because it is so comforting to know I can actually call someone if something happens. (I also learned today to not call the police) I also can get in touch with my group members so we can hang out or just chat if we need to talk. My phone is nicer than mine at home--and cheaper. just saying. We switched numbers after that for a while and then decided to go to a family home evening activity. However there was a big group of us and that never works especially with the crowded Metro. Plus everyone had stops to make. Pretty sure we left someone at a supermarket. oops. But then we got dinner. It was so good. It a wrap with chicken, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and some type of dry cole slaw things with different sauces. Yum. (that might not sound good but it was)

We finally made it to the metro station walked for ever and made it to the activity right before it was ending. By this time, my friend Linsey and I were so tried that we didn't have the energy to mingle...in Russian. Ashley was still pretty happy. Linsey and I left and made it back to the metro station where I left and made it back to my apartment just fine. It was relieving. Today I felt like I can maybe actually be here for 3 months and be ok. Even though I am completely beat today was a good day.

17 May 2009

Я не понимаю

the title for this blog comes from my most used phrase in Russia: I do not understand. ha.

So today I woke up at 3 in the morning. Oh how I love jet lag. Actually I never knew I could be so productive at 3 in the morning. I sent emails, registered for classes in the fall, and counted how many days I have left. HA...but really. I managed to fall back asleep around 5ish. I then slept til 11:30 which is 3:30 in the morning Georgia time. Ironic.

When I got up my land lady told me that someone called for me and told her that I was to meet for church. This is probably the best news ever because I was preparing for a fun filled day in my room trying not to die. Phillip their son was to take me to the Metro and help me exchange money and buy my Metro pass for the 85 days I have left.

sidenote- they gave us a lecture before we left Utah about how not to get ourselves killed or robbed. It was very comforting. As a result, I put my money in my scripture case. I felt it was safe there. Also I did not even really need to bring them since they are in English but I felt safer.

So the we exchanged my dollars to Rubles. I quite enjoy the exchange rate. For 80 bucks I got 2500 Rubles which more than paid for my 3 month pass. I had 255 rubles left over. I was rich.

Phillip took me to the metro which felt like years away and then asked me in Russian if I remembered the route. Good thing I was paying attention and didn't just answer Da. ha. but I did feel like I somewhat remember how to get back. He took me through the first stop to my transfer and then told me to get off in three stops and bye. He left. Yikes. Luckily I found my group easily and without any tears.

After talking with my friends, I learned they were in the same boat, but I was more in first class. ha. I mean I felt bad but no one else has internet or in other words no connection to the outside world. They also were by themselves with an older Russian lady. Generally these women are...overbearing and nosy. Actually one other girl had some more company...about 15 cats. wow. Also these women do not speak any English and do not speak slow Russian. My family speak English well and slow Russian. This is the part of the day I feel really grateful.

Then we went to church. I didn't understand anything. Well I understood names. Excuse me. I keep hearing about President Uchtdorf apparently he is coming. Someone had to tell me later. Hopefully I can go.

Then none of us really wanted to go home so we walked to Red Square. On the way there everyone was quiet. Our program facilitator (he is a student but knows what is going on) said " Everyone is so quiet, Everyone is thinking what am I doing? I am paying money for this? What did I get myself into." All of us replied - yes that is exactly what I am thinking. Then we turned the corner and saw St. Basil's Catherdral. I think our opinions changed slightly, and it was the first time I felt like I was in Moscow. We just walked around a bit saw the building for Lenin's tomb which seems creepy enough on the outside. We also saw changing of the guard which is on a much smaller scale than London's. I will try and get a video to post. I also bought a water cause I was dying. It was 45 rubles. I almost died and then I remembered it was a little over a dollar. Apparently it was still expensive, probably because it was in Red Square.

Then came the stressful part of the day: getting to my apartment...by myself. I prayed a lot. Apparently Moscow is a pretty safe city, but I am skeptical per usual. I got off the Metro ok..on the wrong stop then got back on and got off at the right one. I then made it to the correct transfer point. Got off and out fine. Then I had to remember how to get to my apartment. This is where I freaked a little. But I made it just fine. Thank goodness I have a decent sense of direction.

I got home and actually had a good converstation with my Host lady, Nina about Mormons. She asked if my dad had more than one wife and things like that, but she didn't know that there was a church here in Moscow that was given in Russian. I tried to bring up the missionaries, but I don't think she understood. I guess trying that on my second day was a bit hopefully. Hehe. Though she told me to tell her when I have my fast and things like that. She also understands more fully why I don't drink alchohol, regular tea, or coffee. This is great break through compared to my fellow students. Then we had a dinner with mini hot dogs from my best guess and a great green salad.

16 May 2009

Actually from Russia


It is about 9:20 in Moscow and it seems like an eternity since I left Georgia.

I don't know how detailed to make this but I'm going to err on the side of too detailed.

I made it through Atlanta just fine. Then I sat forever. Then I got on the plane and because of weather in Chicago I sat some more..this time just on a plane rather than in the waiting area..but such is flying. I got to enjoy a book, apple, and granola bar ( thank you Nikki) However a very nice Russian couple sat next to me and very much not to my surprise I couldn't understand them. I blame it on they were whispering. Although I did catch something about chocolate cake.

I made it to Chicago. I sat down at my gate for Moscow and pulled out a sandwich for lunch. The older man with braces next to me felt inclined to say.."oh, a sandwich." To which I said yes. He then felt the need to tell me that I must be a college student. Again. I said yes. Normally I am a little more friendly, but thoughts of Taken and mother telling me not to talk to be in the airport overcame my need to be polite. He left. Then a family going to some city I can't pronounce in India I'm guessing sat next to me. They seemed nice enough. Finally my friend Ashley arrived. It was great. People you know do wonders when you are feeling all alone. ha.

Finally we boarded the plane to Moscow and tried not to think about what we were getting into for 3 months. We got to sit a little bit longer cause a lot of other planes were delayed because of the weather. The flight there was pretty uneventful. The in-flight movie was yes man which I really had no desire to watch and semi-decent plane food. Then I slept with the help of some meds. even then it wasn't the best sleep but I was grateful.

Then the landing. I didn't know there were so many trees, but i guess looking back on all those 'Russians are the bad guy' films people were always running in forests...away from Russians...interesting...anyway. Customs wasn't bad. Me and the Passport Man had a good conversation. I half smiled and he glared at me. It was nice. I got my luggage which I am super super excited about. Then we met the nice lady from the university that took us to a ride which was a mini van with camouflage seat covers. Very rustic. We then began our trip to our home stays. Ashley and I were joined by another BYU student who was there for an internship and had served a mission Russian speaking. He laughed when he learned Ashley and I had only taken up to 202 in Russian. I don't know if we can be friends. Then we hit Moscow we hit traffic..at 2:30 on a Saturday. Beat that Atlanta. Anyway when asked why there was traffic the lady responed.. why? It's Moscow. However, we did get to listen to Russian pop which was interesting. One lyric said something about a chocolate rabbit. (I seem to pick up things pertaining to Chocolate.)

Smarty pants boy was the first to be dropped off. I was next. I got stuck in my first Russian elevator for a minute or so. It was really a coming of age for me. Then I met my Russian family. There is a mother, a son around 17, and a daughter my age.Oh and a cat. The mom and the daughter speak English well which is good cause all the Russian I knew flew out the window. They graciously let me take a shower which was amazing and needed. Then we ate some Russian calat (salad). It kinda was like cole slaw..with shrimp. Then I came into my room and freaked out for a bit. It was great. I also unpacked. I also read and listened to music which was soothing.

Then we had dinner which was chicken and rice. They asked if I wanted ketchup, and a beer. Don't worry I said no to both. Apparently they have done this before. Actually they had a kid from Atlanta last time. I spotted a Georgia Bulldog's hat on the coat rack which was comforting. I am in a really nice part of Moscow. The neighborhood seemes newer. The flat is really nice too. Plus I have internet which is very unusal, but I'm stoked about.

Those have been my adventures so far. It is about 10 here and I'm getting tired. I hope to hear from y'all too!

15 May 2009

Hi I'm Bob.

Hi, I'm Bob. Would you knock me out, please? Just hit me in the face.

So needless to say I am pretty anxious right about now. I leave to get on a plane in about 40 minutes. It is not so much about the plane as it is about the destination...which is the main cause of my anxiety.
Currently I am relating to Bob. (If you haven't seen what about bob? then you will be totally lost. I have it if you would like to borrow it)

baby steps are my new favorite thing. baby steps into the car, baby steps onto the plane, baby steps off the plane into MOSCOW. yikes.

I really hope I don't scare too many people by rubbing my temples and saying "I feel fine, I feel great, I feel wonderful."

I also think Bob had it right when he just asked to be knocked out...being unconscious is a lot less stressful. Although i don't know if I want to be hit in the face...sleeping pills..maybe.

07 May 2009

So it begins...well at least the packing

So. Here is the beginning of my documentation of Russia.
Currently, I am supposed to be packing and getting all my stuff together for Russia. I am considering this blog a preparation for Russia so that I do not get into trouble for 'goofing off' or a personal favorite- 'not using my time wisely.' I believe that the very person who would say that will be grateful in the end for this blog. And as a side note, I have been packing most of the day. sort of. Packing always frustrates me.
-my family believes I am good at it. This could be true, but it has given me a false idea of how much stuff I should bring. Let me explain- I am good at conserving space so I have more room in my suitcase than the average packer-- more space means yes...I can fit one more pair of shoes in my suitcase. Do I actually need those shoes or shirt or tennis racket? Probably not..but there is room so it goes in the suitcase. It almost becomes a sick game. How much junk can I squeeze into each small open space? It is horrific.
-I have never been to Russia. shocker. So I do not know the weather patterns. This causes several problems packing. I have everything from a decently warm coat to skirts. (I would use shorts here but Russians apparently don't wear shorts unless you are 5 and I think I have passed that benchmark) I constantly wonder if I have the proper clothes. As a result I over compensate and pack too much (see previous note) which always causes problems when I try and bring the stuff I bought home.
-I still need clothes to wear. You can never be fully packed. ever. even in the car to the airport you have to have your ID and cell phone and a snack. Something is always out. This frustrates me. I would like to packed fully. just once. However, I think wearing the same clothes over and over for a week would not be kosher and probably smelly.

those are my packing qualms.

and I have successfully avoided them for around an hour.